Swedish Massage

Consists of a series of techniques applied to the muscle belly and all attachments.  The goal is to obtain muscle relaxation and promote a greater range of motion- thus the term "Kinetic". Further to the effects of relaxation on the musculoskeletal sytem, massage has the following benefits:

- Enhances circulation of blood flow
- Reduction of stress on the nervous system
- Improved skin suppleness
- Decrease in muscle tension


Deep Tissue Massage


Similar to swedish massage, however the pressure is more intense. The purpose is to get through deeper levels of muscle usually techniques involve the use of fists and elbows to release chronic muscle tension or adhesions. The benefits include:

- Inrease blood flow flushing out toxins
- Boosts oxygen suppy
- Reduces chronic discomfort such as arthritis, inflammation and   alliviates tension

Hot Stone


A speciality massage using volcanic rocks. The rocks are heated at 120-140 degrees. The body is warmed with the stones in specific points of the body. The stones are used to penetrate heat to deeper levels of muscle during the massage. The stones are continously being replaced by hot stones. The benefits include:

- Muscle relaxation, increases circulation
- Increases lymphatic function, detox, cleansing, elimination
- Arthritis, anxiety, pain, depression and insomnia


A gentle swedish massage performed on women after the first trimester. Techniques are used in the same manner however, the client lies on a specialized pregnancy cushion which provides relaxing support for the baby and belly.  The following massage benefits:

- Reduces swelling
- Lessons sciatic pain and eases cramps
- Stimulates endorphins
- Increases blood and lymph flow




Developed in France, along side Osteopathy, Massokinesitherapy is the Euro equivalent of North American Myofascial Release. Newer trends combined with Rolphing techniques, and Myofascial Release, have developed and pushed this type of therapy to the forefront. 


It has been touted as the "Deepest" type of tissue release. Used mainly for freeing up scar tissue, post surgery adhesions that cause chronic pain.  


These techniques have evolved to provide help with all types of chronic pain in the lower back, spine, pelvis, legs, ankles, feet, cervical & TMJ, elbows, wrists and hands. All areas of ligamentous immobility which causes pain can easily improve within 1-2 sessions.  


When you have tried every therapy with no results, this may be the answer to your chronic back, hip, knee pain and headaches.

Ida Rolf, pictured below, developped these techniques through her development of "Structural Integration" (or Rolfing) is a type of manual therapy that aims to improve human biomechanical functioning as a whole rather than to treat particular symptoms.  Rolf began developing her system in the 1940s. Her main goal was to organize the human bodily structure in relation to gravity


Price list.


  Swedish                            Deep Tissue

  30 min  $45                 30 min  $50

  60 min  $70                 60 min  $80

  90 min  $100                90 min  $115



  Hot Stone                  Prenatal

  60 min  $85                  60 min  $80

  90 min  $115                  90 min  $110



                    60 min     $100  

             Prices do not include taxes.  

    Massotherapy, Naturotherapy receipts.



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